1/29/21 – MRFF Demands Court-Martial of Army National Guard Chaplain Who Accused Joint Chiefs of Sedition & Posted Shocking Conspiracies Online

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  1. Duane Surels

    This is dumb. Your chaplain is correct. The transgender people are not fit for duty. It will cause dissension amongst the other troops. Harassment, will happen. If they’re confused about their identity then they don’t belong in the military. Altering your body is a sign of instability.

  2. Dean

    Post surgical and pass extensive psych evaluations then maybe. However if you let them in pre-op you are just begging for trouble. Many have psychological issues after they hormone treatments and the surgery. Not to mention the cost of the drugs and surgety to the Military budget and the VA afterwards. It is not worth the risk.

  3. Grey One Talks Sass

    It is amazing to me that two apparently cisgender heterosexual men have locked down what it means to be transgender. Huzzah gents. /s

    As I understand the two gents above, trans haz a confuzed!!!

    As I understand the transgendered people in my life the aforementioned confusion only exists when the transgendered person denied themselves to themselves.

    Or, to put it in simple terms, if humans were cans of vegetables most peoples label matches the inner contents of the can. For transgendered folk the label may say peas but the inner contents are spaghetti sauce. Living that way when everyone in the worlds label matches their insides is… difficult to say the least.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it until I’m ashes to be spread on the roses, it is not ones sexuality or gender which determines if one is a soldier/warrior, it is what is in the heart. Either one feels it or they don’t.

  4. Susan Rader-Thomas

    Transgenders must remain on hormone therapy to maintain their transition, this means they cannot be deployed where they may be needed because some medications may not always be available or cannot be stored properly where they are assigned. For this reason, diabetics, epileptics, etc. are not allowed to enter service. This goes for everyone from the company clerk to the commander. The purpose of the military is to defend the country. If they cannot go & do this, then they are useless. So, unless they are willing to allow their transition to reverse, they are not fit for service.

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