2/8/21 – MRFF VICTORY: Due to MRFF’s Swift Intercession: Christian Music Ceased on Military Contracted Transport Bus

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  1. Pat

    Thank you! You should not be able to invade someone’s “space” with music or noise that they either dislike or disagree with ON A GOVERNMENT SPONSORED VEHICLE!!!! I would personally not want to be told or forced to listen to Christian music, just as I would not want to listen to religious Muslim music, or anyone else’s religious music!! Silence would be better!

  2. Nancy

    Let me tell you though, what’s the first thing that guy on the battlefield will do when under enemy fire and it appears his life is ending? He will pray. My prayer is that whoever you are and your organisation will stop.

  3. Grey One Talks Sass

    Nancy – you wrote a few assumptions, very brave of you to believe you know what’s in the mind of every warrior who was ever in a battle.

    Well, brave or you know, presumptuous.

    There have been atheists on the battlefield and no, they never prayed. There have been people of faith on the battlefield and no, not all of them prayed to the Christian deity. At least that’s the opinion of the comments I’ve read on blogs dealing with this very issue. Pretty obvious to me you haven’t completed your due diligence.

    It’s time to stop this idea that all people worship one deity. Hells bells kids, even the Christians can’t agree on the best way to worship their lord and savior let alone how to interpret their holy book. And that’s one ‘faith’ which exists among the myriad of deities on the planet.

    It is arrogant to play Christian music when the potential audience is as diverse as our country. Whomever authorized the music for the bus was too concerned with ‘can’ they instead of ‘should’ they. Glad the music was stopped. Not a big step in the grand scheme of things but progress is made one baby step at a time.

  4. Liz

    Liz, whether foreigners or non Christians like it or not, you are right. The idea of God is different in every culture. Nothing stopping them from singing. Down with their cancel Christianity BS. Not what this country was founded on. If you’re on that bus you are on it to defend the Constitution and that covers the right to sing and freedom of religion. If you’re not there to defend the Constitution, GTF off of the bus.

  5. Grey One Talks Sass

    Liz, your rights end where mine begin. Take your Christian Nationalist self, sit down, stop hogging all the seats, and learn to share.

    See, if you get to force me to listen to your music, I get to force you to listen to mine. That’s the principle our nation was founded upon.

    I’m good with sharing; it means I get to listen to bagpipes on the bus.

  6. Tatum

    Liz & Nancy, The “already occupied” country was founding on the Freedom from religion. You two need remedial reading comprehension classes. European people were fleeing religious persecution along with European prisoner dumps in the southern states along with Australia. “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion” So keep your fake christian views to yourselves!

  7. Brieryd9g

    You are correct

  8. Ironmoped

    Need to update your metaphors. Nobody does foxholes anymore! And I call you on your reference to God when faced with death in combat. Most in the heat of battle aren’t thinking about God, they’re thinking about how to keep their asses alive and kill the enemy! If they’re giving any thoughts to people outside of the military, it’s directing towards our dumb-ass politicians that get us into these [email protected] wars 5o begin with. You know, the wars that their kids don’t have to fight in?
    Most deaths in these last two wars didn’t even see it coming! It was an IED they rolled over or was detonated as their convoy rolled through. On the enemy side, it was getting blown apart by a Hellfire missile or MANY 30mm rounds from an Apache gunship! Or cruise missiles or 500 lb bombs. They didn’t even know what hit them! They were there a minute ago and now they aren’t – literally!

    And logically, why would you call on a supreme being to help you when he could have easily prevented the circumstance of you being in that situation to begin with?
    Either God watches and can’t do anything about it, or he watches and chooses not to do anything about it. You know, kind of like how he watches little kids getting raped without doing anything about it?
    And OBTW, do you know the REAL reason we have military chaplains? It’s to keep folks from running away from their duties in time of war! The mantra is, “put yourselves in God’s hands and go do what you’re called upon to do!”
    The purpose of religion in the military is to “keep you fighting!”

    Religion – “you can’t start a war without it!”

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