3/11/21 – Support Grows for MRFF’s Demand that Blatantly Christian Veterans Memorial be Altered or Removed

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  1. Grow up

    grow a pair of balls and get over it. People like you have become pathetic. You whine and cry about every little thing. The one’s who are dead don’t care. Here an idea put your big boys boxers on and learn to deal with life up and downs. Oh and if that memorial bothers you that much (baby) then put another one in.

  2. Nigel Page

    There are real problems in the world to be addressed & I have to wake up & read this pathetic garbage. I would swear I have awoken in some episode of an alternate reality soap opera, words are violence, multiple genders, obese is beautiful, wear a mask & this tomfoolery.

  3. Laura Gramenz

    Don’t like it? Don’t look. Stop forcing your beliefs (or lack thereof) on other people.

  4. Grey One Talks Sass

    Ok – I planned on leaving this post alone but the perfect trifecta of ignorance has been reached and I must comment.

    Don’t like it don’t look says the human most likely to be outraged if the monument had celebrated a religion they find abhorrent.

    Grow up says the human who needs remove the log from their own eye first.

    This is not a “real” problem says the human who refuses to acknowledge real life issues caused by lifetimes of oppression and bigotry.

    What all three of these comments have in common is a carefully crafted worldview based not in reality but in Christian Nationalist propaganda. They are always persecuted – even when ‘they’ are doing the persecution themselves. Their religion is the only one and true religion even though the world has practiced thousands of religions over the course of history. Everyone is in the same boat they bleat time and again when actually no – we are all in the same storm while some have no boat at all and too few have yachts with space to share (which they do not – looking at some of the mega churches in TX who kept their doors closed to humans in need during the last freezing storm).

    Consider this situation a fractal (look it up kids – you’re welcome). Ignoring the most fundamental tenets of the rules which guide We The People is a slippery slope. Let Christianists get away with this monument and they’ll press for another.

    Remember kids, there has been in place a plan to turn the USA into a theocracy for several decades. It’s not exactly been a secret as the plan has been pounded into the parishioners heads by their Voices of Authority. Listen to the sermons. Listen to the rhetoric. Read David Barton if only to discover how history has been altered to fit the Christianist worldview.

    Our three commentators above are living proof that the plan is working. It is my opinion that Jan 6 was only the beginning. We The People have work to do if we want to save this beautiful experiment in Democracy.

  5. Grey One Talks Sass

    PS – Happy Pi Day.

  6. Marc Allen

    Your comments are best written load of crap I’ve read in a long time. You take honest comments and twist them to reinforce your self promoting position of superiority. Oh yeah – we aren’t a democracy. We are a constitutional republic, which protects citizens from the likes of you, thank God.

  7. Grey One Talks Sass

    Really – you believe my position is superior? Really?

    Wow! I had no idea.


  8. Grey One Talks Sass

    Marc Allen’s comments got me thinking last night; specifically their claim that the USA is a constitutional republic.

    According to what I could find – and there is a metric ton of opinion on the matter – the USA is more accurately described as a representational democracy, meaning a minority population is protected from the majority or rule of the mob.

    Sites dedicated to the Constitution and our secular nation did not use the term ‘constitutional republic’ while it was used on sites promoting extremist ideas of sovereign citizenship and Christian Nationalism. It appears that language does define the user.

    My overnight Googling is hardly the same as the extensive research performed by Constitutional scholars. I defer to commentators here who’ve brought the receipts in the past. Perhaps you can explain to Marc how his choice of descriptors defines his lack of understanding of how the Constitution and Bill of Rights and the USA work.

  9. Pat


  10. Ironmoped

    To Grow Up – Ok, well put one on your grave that includes a good Moslem prayer that closes with Allahu Akbar!
    Or maybe a star of David on your headstone?
    Or maybe inscribe a hammer and sickle?
    You won’t care about any of it, you’ll be dead! If your family or friends object, let ’em grow a pair of balls! Or tell them simply to not look at it!
    No problem right?

  11. dragonfly

    thank you Grey One and Ironmoped for standing up to these psychopaths… this right-wing white-supremacist misogynist takeover has been in the works for at least 25 years – dumbing down the educational system so there is no critical thinking, just blind belief in infantile ‘christianity’ that is antithetical to everything Jesus taught (“Love thine enemies”) and surely has him rolling over in his grave – oh, that’s right, he’s ‘up’ in heaven with his psychopathic father whose actions are also antithetical to everything Jesus taught… the imbecilic sheep are ripe for the picking as they celebrate Jesus being crucified with a cross hanging around their necks while simultaneously waving an american flag and cheering on our bombs dropping everywhere as we vacuum up all the resources… things look as bleak as in Germany in 1933 – and yet, these delusional morons are already sowing the seeds of their own demise…

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