Mikey Weinstein’s Open Letter to President Joe Biden: Prosecute Army Officer Who Says You’re Not President

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President Joseph R. Biden
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20500

Re: Prosecute Army Officer Who Says You’re Not President (But Are a Pedophile)

Dear President Biden,

Mr. President, my name is Mikey Weinstein, and I head up a large civil rights advocacy organization called the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) which currently represents just over 74,000 active duty, reserve, and national guard military members as well as military academy, ROTC/OCS/OTS cadets and midshipmen, veterans, and DoD civilians. 

MRFF’s main mission is to protect the Constitutionally-mandated wall separating church and state in the U.S. armed forces.

First, I’d like to congratulate you on your landslide election to the White House, both in the popular vote and in the Electoral College.

Having professional, experienced, non-mentally ill, non-cowardly, reasoned, rational, and intelligent  leadership of our country returned to the fold is a true sine qua non bonanza to the health of our American Republic.

Mr. President, now that you are the Commander-in-Chief of our U.S. armed forces, I so regret having to inform you of one of the most repulsive acts of criminal contemptuousness towards a U.S. president by a uniformed member of the Department of Defense (DoD) we at MRFF have ever heretofore witnessed.

What I am compelled to report to you are the shockingly illicit actions of one 1LT Alex Stovall, who is apparently at this time an Army “Chaplain Candidate” who is concomitantly running for a seat in the U.S. Congress from the State of Arizona in the 2022 election.

It seems, Mr. President, that he doesn’t like you very much; not very much at all, sir!

Indeed, he has publicly refused to even recognize you as our President and his Commander-in-Chief and, even further, had made it quite clear to all he can communicate with that he sees you as a pernicious pedophile

Additionally, he has no problem viciously and feloniously violating the military’s criminal law structure, as detailed in the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ), to both (1) further his Congressional candidacy using his Army Reserve Officer’s status as a force multiplier in his Congressional campaign ads, and, (2) savagely attacking you and other members of Congress, especially Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

1LT Stovall had made it clear that he will NOT stop saying these horrid things about you and others WHETHER OR NOT HE IS IN HIS U.S. ARMY UNIFORM!!

Mr. President, MRFF has already written a demand letter to your Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, and widely broken this story in the media. 

This past Friday, May 28, 2021, before the Memorial Day weekend, and pursuant to MRFF’s demands, the U.S. Army Reserve Command announced that it had opened up an official Army investigation into 1LT Stovall’s insidious and nefarious actions.

Mr. President, MRFF is respectfully asking YOU to ensure, as our American military’s Commander-in-Chief, that 1LT Alex Stovall is justly, expeditiously, aggressively, and visibly punished for his incredibly reprehensible actions, as detailed in this Open Letter to you.

Our armed forces have the UCMJ for a reason. Without it, the requisite good order, morale, discipline, and unit cohesion needed to optimally command our military forces disintegrates into lethal chaos.

Sir, we simply CANNOT have Army 1LTs bragging and boasting about calling our President a pedophile and illicitly leveraging their military status to win elections to Congress in BLATANT violation of DoD regulations, directives, instructions, and the UCMJ!

1LT Stovall’s hideous defiance of all associated military laws and regulations MUST BE STOPPED AND PUNISHED NOW!

Mr. President, if you won’t do it, who will?

Mikey Weinstein signature

Michael L. “Mikey” Weinstein
Founder and President
Military Religious Freedom Foundation

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One Comment

  1. reX July 26, 2021 at 12:20 pm

    This seems to not be a a major issue yet to some people it would be a big deal

    i do agree that G.I. JOE Biden the newborn infant slayer, is indeed the true definition of a pedophile monster.

    torturing to death and killing a newbown fully developed innocent child, just at the very moment the child is undergoing the routine process of being born, this is much worse than pedophilia – G.I. JOE kills a child in order so that the pregnant mother can soon continue her sexual raptures and delights and other various enjoyment and pleasure in life without a newborn child getting in the way of her enjoyment and pleasures.

    Adolf Hitler never physically harmed a single Jewish child – and exactly like G.I. JOE – the newborn infant slayer, Hitler also was a murderer and a pedophile who enjoyed seeing Hebrew children suffer.and enjoyed seeing the Hebrew race sexuality and reproductivity analiated. and destroyed.

    Late term abortion, kllling a fully developed healthy child for no reason other than just to commit murder, this is the most evil form of pedophila.

    Using a birth control method by means of torture and murder – by killing a child that is in the process of being born alive – just so that the mother can throw the baby into the trash and immediatly rush out to all the enjoyments and pleasures available without the hassle and disturbance of caring for the baby she created.

    Late term murder of a viable healthy normally developed child durring birth should be punshble with a full automatic death penality.

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