MRFF’s Demand, on Behalf of 16 Clients, Swiftly Ends Hyper-Sectarian Religious Proselytizing at Mandatory Military Formation

Published On: August 3, 2022|Categories: Featured News, News|1 Comment|
Military service members in prayer.

MRFF was contacted by 16 active duty military members for assistance in responding to the ongoing blatant sectarian religious proselytizing by their first-line military commander and his wife at “Christmas in July/August Parties”. […] 

Excerpt from MRFF Client’s Email Below:

“Mikey called our commander’s boss’ boss at the number we provided him and all of the sudden the “Christmas in August” event at our (unit’s name withheld) Commander’s home was cancelled within 48 hours.

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One Comment

  1. RICHEY HOPE August 3, 2022 at 4:19 pm

    I can’t believe the amount of religious bullying that happens in the armed forces today.
    I was a Navy LT, active 1964-9. One Vietnam tour with VA-52 and a year on an Army Advisory Team in SVN.
    In those days, a chaplain had as much power as a steward. Few paid any attention to them. Only at Newport
    OCS during my first month was religious attendance mandatory. Now CO’s demand officers show up—or get a
    lousy fitness report. Since LOTS of officers are “lifers”, and need the money/promotions, they shut up and go.
    When I was active, there were lots of guys, including enlisted, from rich and well connected families. They (me, too) would not
    put up with this bullying, certainly not this religious junk. Our pay was then so insignificant that we were serving for
    free. With no draft and a lot higher pay, anyone who goes in now depends on that money. So, they usually shut
    up. Chances are that their Congressman is a religious nutter, too. Their only defender these days is the MRFF.

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