Watch Mikey’s Video (2:07) MRFF Intervention Results in Commander’s Punishment for Pushing “Christian Religion Truths” (“CRT”) Class on Subordinates

Published On: November 18, 2022|Categories: Featured News|2 Comments|
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“It’s not mandatory,” began the commander at a mandatory meeting of 200 service members, “but my wife and I are hosting and sponsoring a gathering at our residence in a couple of weeks to study CRT.”

The commander “let that sink in a while while everyone was confused that this man would have anything to do with what we thought he meant as ‘Critical Race Theory.’” Then he said, with a big smile: “No not the CRT you’re thinking about but ‘Christian Religion Truths.’

According to one MRFF client, “He then glared at us and with a smirk said the following: ‘Hey I said it’s optional
if you wanna come. No one has to be there but all are welcome to our CRT study session. Remember that
Jesus loves you all even if you don’t love him.’
— Then he paused again and yelled loudly ‘Yet!’

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  1. jimbo November 18, 2022 at 7:35 pm

    A woman in Iran recently was brutally beaten for not wearing her head scarf. Presumably that was ok with the god associated with the religion that allowed that behavior. In this case the commander knew those whom he invited would be punished if they ignored the invitation, While perhaps not as brutal to young persons the potential punishment impacts their ability to advance in the service is significant, and life changing. the goddamned shit is punishing me right now. fucking cowards. they fear the growing tide to put them to pasture, it can’t happen too soon. I spoke out originally of disinformation by the christians and submitted it to the fbi, for which I have been brutally punished, in Laguna beach cops putting me in jail for a phony dui, a federal crime closing down Orange County Airport to harass my wife and me, and all the not first class passengers (witnesses) who were also punished. Hear that FBI, closed down surely a federal crime. a life threat by a flight attendant on a an Hawaiian airlines flight from Hawaii. My question is the goodness of the gods is thrust upon us yet the are the basis the brutalizes us when we point out gods don’t exist. I apologize for my departure from rationality mid-paragraph, that’s when I was attacked. Mikey, you once asked what you might do, please contact the FBI and ask why they ignore this situation. Please consider the FBI might be prime persecutors as they are the only ones I discussed my disinformation campaign findings with.

  2. MRFFSeniorAdmin December 14, 2022 at 7:33 pm

    And Iran, Iran so far away..

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