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MRFF Press Release – Women’s Prayer Group: “Give Them Breast Cancer, In JESUS’ Name!”

Published On: April 24, 2012|Categories: News|5 Comments|



Albuquerque, NM, April 24, 2012 – The latest salvo in the War on Women has been sadly and ironically perpetrated by an anonymous “womens prayer circle” sending a deplorable piece of hate mail to Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) President and Founder, Michael L. “Mikey” Weinstein.

The following is the shocking crux of this hate message.  Please note that spelling and grammar mistakes are presented as originally received:

“But [we pray] not against you Mickey. We know by your internet site and your book who it is to be. Now for our prayer, we pray that the women who work in your MFRR and the women in your family will befall fast moving breast cancer which can not everbe cured.”

Read the full hate email here:

These tragically misguided women have been so warped by their extremism that they are praying for a disease that already is responsible for killing about 3% of all women [1] to strike down even more.  They are praying for fourteen women either connected with MRFF or within the Weinstein family to die painful deaths simply because this “prayer circle” disagrees with MRFF’s mission of enforcing the constitutionally-guaranteed separation of church and state in the U.S. military.

MRFF’s fight is against the most extreme religious zealots the United States has to offer.  The same extremist mentality causing women to pray for the cancer deaths of fourteen wonderful  women has also resulted in U.S. Marines posing next to a Nazi SS flag [2], a Marine Fighter Squadron fighting under the name and imagery of Crusaders [3], Air Force nuclear missile launch officers effectively being taught that “Jesus Loves Nukes” [4], along with countless other examples of blatantly unconstitutional and maliciously inappropriate religious incursion in the military.

MRFF’s significant base of Christian supporters often shares their horror at the actions undertaken by fundamentalist Christian extremists that give all Christians a bad name and awful reputation.  Many Christians ask themselves, “What would Jesus do?”  Would Jesus pray for the deaths of fourteen women?

The Military Religious Freedom Foundation holds that It’s vitally important that this type of extremist mentality is no longer allowed to take root in our military.  Whether you’re Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Wiccan, Sikh, celebrate another faith tradition, or none at all, MRFF calls for you to stand together in support of this simple standard:

We will not tolerate harm, threats, or abuse in the name of religion.


For more information about the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, please visit








Mikey Weinstein is the Founder and President of the four-time Nobel Peace Prize nominated civil rights organization known as the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (MRFF) and author of WITH GOD ON OUR SIDE: One Man’s War Against an Evangelical Coup in America’s Military, and NO SNOWFLAKE IN AN AVALANCHE: The Military Religious Freedom Foundation, its Battle to Defend the Constitution, and One Family’s Courageous War Against Religious Extremism in High Places. He is an honor graduate of the USAF Academy, a former White House Counsel in the Reagan Administration and former General Counsel to Texas billionaire and two-time Presidential candidate H. Ross Perot and Perot Systems Corporation. He lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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  1. Lee Jeffreys April 26, 2012 at 8:38 pm

    Dear MRFF: I read the article on a prayer group praying for women in your group to get cancer and I was horrified. I don’t know why….by now you would think I’d be used to some of the cruel, thoughless and just plain stupid people that are out there. But I never have, and since I’m 59, I guess I never will. I must also confess that up until a few years ago I assumed that all people of differing faiths WERE treated equally in the American military. Again, I guess I should have known better.

    Some personal history: I was raised the son of fundamentalist ministers, both my father and mother. Preacher’s kid….everything church church church! At the same time, I fell in love with history very early on. Upon high school graduation, I moved to Eureka Springs Ar. and spent 12 or 13 years acting in the Great Passion Play, which is about the last week of Christ on earth. The play was incredibly successful because it was written and presented as a high quality drama that just HAPPENED to be about that one week in history. I played many roles, but mostly I was the governor Pontius Pilate. ALL of this background helped a lot in approaching the old tired subject of “The Jews Killed Jesus!” which has been around for centuries and should have died a painful death of it’s own long ago! First of all, Jesus was executed by the Romans, who DARN IT! aren’t around anymore to blame. But I must share with you how I deal with these schmucks when they do pop up now and then. It goes something like this…..

    ME: So you believe that the Jews killed Jesus?

    SCHMUCK: Damned right, they did! And for that they must pay FOREVER!

    ME: Let me ask you something. Why did Jesus die on the cross?

    SCHMUCK: He died for our sins so that we may be saved!

    ME: May I ask, are YOU saved?

    SCHMUCK: YES I AM!!!!!

    ME: Well, first, I do disagree with you on who carried out the death of Christ, but more importantly……are you saying that you wish the death of Christ had never happened? Because if it didn’t, then you and I and everybody else would STILL be under the stain of Original Sin and therefore would be doomed to hell when we die! I always assumed that this whole thing was a divine plan of God and Christ’s! It would seem that who actually dragged him to Calvary is rather unimportant in that case. Are you saying that YOU know BETTER THAN CHRIST OR GOD? Are you saying that YOU KNOW BETTER THAN GOD ALMIGHTY?

    It is at this point that I always end up walking away, with them standing there with their mouths hanging open. Please keep up the good work. Today more than ever, I need sane people like you. Thanks.

  2. Nancie May 6, 2012 at 11:43 am

    Just to play “devils advocate” here, since no name or organization was provided in the e-mail, and caller ID was blocked, you have no way of substantiating that this isn’t just work of one or two cranks. I would suggest that you ignore this sort of thing, don’t publish this nonsense, unless or until you get some more substantial evidence that a fairly large, organized and open about their death prayers, is really behind this. You could be giving credence to a “group” that consists of nothing more than a handful of teenage cranks. (or just one crank) In other words, maybe you’ve just been “punked”.

  3. shane d May 13, 2012 at 8:03 pm

    This just makes me sick! I spent a year of my life in Iraq, serving the people of the United States and these people wish breast cancer on Mikey’s family? They have no idea what they are talking about. I am not Christian, although my mother, a breast cancer survivor is. What ignorant, selfish crap these people spew from their mouths! I’m pretty sure that Jesus would have never have preached such hatred. These people’s twisted view Christianity makes me proud to be an Atheist. I have seen the bodies of dead Muslim children, and they look just as innocent as any Christian child I have ever seen. I’ve seen those who are not of the Christian faith embody more Christian values than all of these slime-balls put together.
    Mikey, keep up the fight against this intolerance! It is appreciated.
    Shane D.

  4. andrea May 15, 2012 at 1:26 pm

    you know, I think we may have found those crazy women:

    and Nancy? there is no reason not to think that “good Christian women” wouldn’t do this. We see the exact same sentiment repeatedly.

  5. Sunny Nye November 12, 2012 at 9:18 am

    Prayer Request: Please, on going miraculous prayers for Linda Caprio who is suffering from ALS or something very similar (doctors have been unable to difinitivly diagnosis). She needs your fervent prayers to God that her brain will/is reconnecting to her nerves and muscles for miraculous healing. Linda Caprio is a woman who is someone every one would like to know and call “Dear Friend”. Thank you for your prayers and may God bless you all mightily!
    with love,

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