3/10/21 – MRFF Preparing Federal Lawsuit After Town Fails to Respond to Demand that Blatantly Christian Veterans Memorial be Altered or Removed

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  1. Dorothy W Willis

    I like the monument… They served and died, for God and Country, Family and Freedom. Your issue seems to be the military emblems/ icons on the monument… Why not move the emblems t o another monument, separate but near with appropriate wording and let both stand in honor of our men and women who served..

  2. Grey One Talks Sass

    Dorothy W Willis,

    The issue is not just the DOD emblems endorsing one specific religion. There is also the issue of the city of Monument placing and enthusiastically endorsing that same specific religion.

    Here’s the litmus test to see if such occurrences are fair – how would the city or even you, Ms Willis respond if the monument wasn’t dedicated to Christianity but instead celebrated all things Satanic?

    Rules are rules. Why do Christianists always believe rules are for others, not them?

    DOD emblems are not to be paired with religion. Period. Likewise cities and states are forbidden from endorsing a specific religion.

    Of course if the blurring of lines continues it means what Christianists got to do then the rest of the faiths in the USA get to do too.

    Hail Baphomet! I look forward to the spreading of statues of Satanic influence thanks to the actions of Christianists.

  3. Bruce

    The ironic thing I’ve noticed about this organization, is that it seems to only target Christianity. I have not seen this organization attack any other faith that is promoted by any government. Which begs the question: Is your attack on Christianity being promoted by any government due to your desire for fairness or is it your hatred of Christianity?

  4. Tom O

    “I have not seen this organization attack any other faith that is promoted by any government.” That’s because “this organization” does NOT “attack any faith:” it attacks those who try to promote any faith (or, very rarely, non-faith-see https://www.militaryreligiousfreedom.org/2020/08/little-christian-witch-bitch/ ) by members of the US military in their official duties. In the US military, that faith is almost always fundamentalist Christianity. It may be other religions in other countries. but MRFF pays little, if any, attention to “faith that is promoted by any” government outside the US.

  5. Grey One Talks Sass


    Funny how it’s always the Christians being attacked isn’t it? It’s almost as if Christianists were predominantly the only ones breaking the rules.

    Weird, huh?

    Perhaps those who shove their religion into the limelight (and other nefarious places) need a refresher course in sharing and caring.

    And how to read. The Constitution and Bill of Rights are the bedrock of our country, not the Christian Bible. There is a reason the founding fathers made the USA a secular nation and We The People are watching those reasons play out in real-time.

    (I can’t tell you how glad I am to be living in interesting times. No, really. There is no glad so I can’t say).

  6. Gene Altman

    Mr. Mikey Weinstein
    Military Religious Freedom Foundation

    Dear Mr. Weinstein:.

    Please note, while I am a member of the Jewish War Veterans and have been an Eagle Scout, Scout leader including in many capacities including Professional Scouter, I am not speaking on behalf of either organization.

    I recently received an email from the Jewish War Veterans about the Military Memorial in Monument, Colorado.

    I would like to add my comments to Andy Meyer’s and Sam Fairchild’s superbly written commentaries on the Monument.

    First of all, the monument must be removed or modified. It is violation of the constitution and the principles of the Scouts.

    It is truly a shame, while we are trying to encourage Scouting principles and respect for Military service and sacrifice, this young man who worked very hard on his road to Eagle is in the middle of a hotbed due to the poor guidance of his Scout leaders and just plain ignorance by the city officials.

    Military Religious Freedom Foundation seems to have the experience and is taking the lead in this effort. Please let me know if except for this moral support and contribution if there is anyway I can help.

    Gene Altman

  7. Ironmoped

    How many monuments in military cemeteries have you seen dedicating the entire cemetery to Islam?
    Or Judaism? Or atheism? Or Jainism, Buddhism, et al?
    It’s ironic that Christians are the biggest complainers when they’re not allowed to mis-represent everyone in the cemetery as Christians!

  8. Ironmoped

    To Dorothy Willis,
    How do you know what they died for? If they didn’t believe in God, then they certainly didn’t die for him. They may not have died for country either. It may have been just a cheap way of burying a veteran. And don’t you see any irony in your saying they died for freedom? Do you mean the freedom of Christians to mark these graves any way they want to?

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