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About the Military Religious Freedom Foundation

First-Ever Americans United “Person of the Year Award” Goes to MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein
Mikey Weinstein Ranked as One of the
100 Most Influential People in U.S. Defense
Religious Freedom & the Military: An Ongoing History
About Mikey Weinstein – Founder and President of MRFF
“When Christians Break Bad: Letters from the Insane, Inane, and Profane” – Published by Rare Bird Books, Los Angeles, CA – Summer 2019

Recent MRFF News Highlights:

11/24/20 – MRFF Demands Proselytizing Christian Jewelry Display be Swiftly Removed from Air Force Base Exchange
11/18/20 – Yet Another Despicable Death Threat to MRFF’s Mikey and Bonnie Weinstein
11/10/20 – MRFF’s Advocacy Results in Swift Removal of Matthew 4:19 Christian “Fishing for Men License” from USAF Commander’s Office
11/4/20 – MRFF Grieves the Loss of Another Military Veteran Client to Suicide
10/30/20 – MRFF Victory Results in U.S. Military Chewing Out Trump Ally Congressman Collins (R-GA) for Uniform Regulation Violation
10/28/20 – Due to MRFF Demand & Media Exposure: Defense Department to “Counsel” Congressman Collins (R-GA) for Violation of Uniform Regulation
10/27/20 – GOP Congressman Doug Collins Blames “Vendor Error” and MRFF “Grudge” for Regulation-Violating Campaign Ads
10/26/20 – MRFF to GOP Representative Doug “The Thug” Collins: Shut the Eff Up, Follow the Regulations!
10/23/20 – Newsweek: MRFF and Incensed Veterans Demand Punishment of GOP Rep/USAF Reserve Chaplain Doug Collins for Regulation-Violating Campaign Ads
10/22/20 – MRFF 2020 John Adams Award Honorees Dan Akenhead, Esq., Randal G. Mathis, Esq., Larry Vogelman, Esq.

Past Highlights of MRFF’s Efforts Featured in the Press:

MRFF Client Federal Court Hearing Ignites Major Media Coverage: Outcome of 9/25/19 Federal Court Hearing: Court will Move Forward with MRFF Client’s Lawsuit to Remove Bible from POW/MIA Table at Manchester VA Medical Center 
MRFF featured in The Nation:
“Backward, Christian Soldiers” by Stephen Glain
Harper’s Magazine cover story names Mikey Weinstein ‘Constitutional Conscience of the US Military’: “Jesus Killed Mohammed: The Crusade for a Christian Military” by Jeff Sharlet

MRFF On Capitol Hill:

04/12/18 – Senior Senator From New Hampshire Cites Mikey/MRFF By Name During Live Capitol Hill Nomination Hearing of Mike Pompeo
11/19/14 – VIDEO – Mikey Before Congress –
Religious Accommodations in the Armed Services
11/19/14 MRFF Written Statement to House Armed Services Committee Hearing – Religious Accommodations in the Armed Services
12/7/11 MRFF Submits Statement to Joint Hearings, Details Toxic Environment of anti-Muslim Bigotry Within Armed Forces
03/28/11 – MRFF was invited to submit testimony for the recent
historical U.S. Senate hearing on rights of Muslim Americans


MRFF Major Media Compilation – A Video Overview of
MRFF Appearances in the Media
MRFF Hate Mail Readings!
MRFF Music Compilation
U.S. Military Being Used as
Government-Paid Missionaries
“America’s Best Christian” Mrs. Betty Bowers Breaks Bad on Bonnie Weinstein’s New Book
12/20/13 – MIKEY WEINSTEIN ON FOX NEWS “THE O’REILLY FACTOR” – “I covered four wars with a pen!” Mikey Weinstein refutes “arrogant idiot” Bill O’Reilly over GTMO nativity, religious freedom
10/23/13 FOX NEWS: “The Kelly File” features Mikey Weinstein:
Group demands Air Force drop ‘God’ from oath
With God On Our Side – A short film that MRFF produced

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MRFF Accolades, Achievements, and Recognition Report:
A Collection of Letters From Supporters Including Organizational Partnerships, Testimonials, and Reports of Incidents
MRFF Hate Mail Report – The “best” of the
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