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About the Military Religious Freedom Foundation

First-Ever Americans United "Person of the Year Award" Goes to MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein

MRFF nominated for 2015 Nobel Peace Prize

Mikey Weinstein Ranked as One of the
100 Most Influential People in U.S. Defense

Religious Freedom and the Military: A Short History

About Mikey Weinstein - President and Founder of MRFF


Good Speller or a Hater, But You Can’t Be Both” (Vireo, 2014)
by Bonnie Weinstein


Recent MRFF News Highlights:

11/24/15 MRFF demands end to use of “Crusaders” name and imagery for Fort Rucker's Echo Company, 1st Battalion, 212st Aviation Regiment

11/16/15 8 Hours After MRFF Demands, "Crusader" Imagery Scrubbed Clean From Ft. Shafter

11/9/15 MRFF's Attorneys Respond to Bigoted Article

11/5/15 MRFF takes Air Force & Air Force Academy to Federal Court

11/3/15 MRFF STATEMENT re: Islamophobic clothing sold at Fort Carson PX

10/29/15 NEWSHOUNDS – Pete Hegseth Pimps Franklin Graham Charity While Attacking Military Religious Freedom Foundation

10/27/15 MIKEY’s OP-ED – The 3rd Commandment:
Thou Shalt Scrub Thy Windows

10/22/15 MRFF victory vs. sectarian USAF
endorsement: continued coverage

10/20/15 VICTORY! MRFF scores
decisive win for Constitution at Dover AFB!

10/12/15 THE BLAZE – Marine Commander’s Defiant Response to Activists’ Demands Over ‘God Bless the Military’ Sign

10/7/15 MIKEY’s OP-ED – From the Halls of Oklahoma to the Shores of Oahu

9/25/15 MRFF – “God Bless the Military” sign:
Constitutional breach at MCB Hawaii

9/22/15 MIKEY’s OP-ED – It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to see meanspirited bigotry in the armed forces

9/22/15 LAWRENCE WILKERSON – What on Earth Is Wrong With the Republican Leadership?

8/31/15 VALERIE TARICO – Christians Point Fingers at Atheists to Cover Growing Corruption in Church

8/13/15 MIKEY’s OP-ED – Retired General Confronts Chaplains on
LGBT Rights; “Make Room at the Table or Get Out”

6/11/15 Pat Robertson - “‘One Little Jewish Radical’ Has
‘Terrorized’ Our Cowardly Military”

Past Highlights of MRFF's Efforts Featured in the Press:

"God and Country" - The importance of church-state separation & MRFF's ongoing fight, by universally respected professor, author,
and West Point alum Andrew J. Bacevich

Austin American-Statesman - Guns and God:
Author sees network of hard-line Christians in U.S. military

MRFF featured in The Nation:
"Backward, Christian Soldiers" by Stephen Glain

MRFF featured in powerful Truthout article
"Onward Christian Soldiers... To Hypocrisy" by internationally
best-selling author and NY Times reporter William Pitt

Harper's Magazine cover story names Mikey Weinstein 'Constitutional Conscience of the US Military': "Jesus Killed Mohammed: The Crusade for a Christian Military" by Jeff Sharlet

MRFF On Capitol Hill:

11/19/14 – VIDEO – Mikey Before Congress –
Religious Accommodations in the Armed Services

11/19/14 MRFF Written Statement to House Armed Services Committee Hearing - Religious Accommodations in the Armed Services

12/7/11 MRFF Submits Statement to Joint Hearings, Details Toxic Environment of anti-Muslim Bigotry Within Armed Forces

03/28/11 - MRFF was invited to submit testimony for the recent
historical U.S. Senate hearing on rights of Muslim Americans


MRFF Major Media Compilation - A Video Overview of
MRFF Appearances in the Media

MRFF Hate Mail Readings!

MRFF Music Compilation

U.S. Military Being Used as
Government-Paid Missionaries

2/26/13 VIDEO – RT AMERICA – Religion at war:
American soldiers taking it to an extreme

1/25/14 VIDEO: THE YOUNG TURKS – Fighting Religious
Indoctrination in the U.S. Military (Interview with Mikey Weinstein)

12/20/13 - MIKEY WEINSTEIN ON FOX NEWS "THE O'REILLY FACTOR" - "I covered four wars with a pen!" Mikey Weinstein refutes "arrogant idiot" Bill O'Reilly over GTMO nativity, religious freedom

11/21/13 - VIDEO - MSNBC: The Rachel Maddow Show –
USAFA challenged by anti-gay influence

11/18/13 - VIDEO – MRFF: U.S. Air Force Academy –
A Fundamentalist Christian Military Ministry

10/23/13 FOX NEWS: "The Kelly File" features Mikey Weinstein:
Group demands Air Force drop ‘God’ from oath

7/12/13 MRFF has them running scared!

Trailer for "The Last Crusade," which was produced
for a potential HBO documentary

With God On Our Side - A short film that MRFF produced

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